Books For Children

This is a pretty smart idea. I like when technology and books come together for the common good.

I do not read The Twilight Series, but a number of my friends (25 and over) and students do. I’ll admit that I have a bias towards it because it has to do with vampires. I did read all the Harry Potter books, attended some of the parties at the bookstores, and even went to a midnight showing of Order of the Phoenix. However, I think the aspect of Twilight that makes me the most nervous is the teen angst. While readers experienced some of this in Harry Potter, it wasn’t at the forefront but I feel it is a major plot point in Twilight. In other words, I’m afraid I’m going to end up reading a Christopher Pike novel, the only difference being that the characters are immortal instead of mortal. This little meditation was sparked by this article. Apparently, I’m in the minority 🙂

A charity to save Superman’s home.

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