Thursday Musings

It is amazing how shared space can bring about such tension…

My twelve week creative writing class has begun. It’s hard to get a feel for a class until a few weeks have passed, but I think that this group seems enthusiastic enough. We discussed creative nonfiction and the sticky subject of what that “creative” really means. I showed them the famous passage from Annie Dillard’s A Pilgrim at Tinker Creek, after which one student declared he didn’t like writing that put him in the moment…right.

I love this from Harpers!

Some of my favorites:

memoir: From the Latin memoria, meaning “memory,” a popular form in which the writer remembers entire passages of dialogue from the past, with the ultimate goal of blaming the writer’s parents for his current psychological challenges.

clandestine science fiction novel: A work set in the future that receives a strong reception from the literary world as long as no one mentions that it is, in fact, science fiction; for example, The Road, winner of the Pulitzer Prize.

chick lit: A patriarchal term of oppression for heterosexual female writing; also, a marketing means to phenomenal readership and prominent bookstore space.


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