Wednesday (Rainy) Musings

The computer lab where I teach my M/W classes is insanely cold. My hands were turning blue while I was teaching this morning. Not cool (pun intended).

I’m beginning to acquire a nice little collection of flash drives that were left behind in the lab. I’ve emailed all the students, but have heard back from none. Strange.

Here is another take from the NY Times on why Americans just don’t get it (the Nobel Prize):

On Tuesday, Horace Engdahl, the permanent secretary of the Swedish Academy, the organization that awards the Nobel Prize in Literature, gave an interview to The Associated Press and, while not dropping hints about this year’s winner, seemed to rule out, pretty much, the chances of any American writer. “Europe is still the center of the literary world,” he said, not the United States, and he suggested that American writers were “too sensitive to trends in their own mass culture.” He added: “The U.S. is too isolated, too insular. They don’t translate enough and don’t really participate in the big dialogue of literature. That ignorance is restraining.”

And then he backtracks:

He insisted that the academy strictly followed Alfred Nobel’s rule that in awarding the prize no consideration should be given to an author’s nationality, and added: “It is of no importance, when we judge American candidates, how any of us views American literature as a whole in comparison with other literatures.”

When Doctors, and Even Santa, Endorsed Tobacco

*courtesy of the NY Times

I completely rewrote a poem yesterday. I don’t know if the rewrite works…

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