Wedesday (I’m very proud) Musings

Yes. We most certainly can. More to come later today…


I worked for the election board last night collecting ballots. It was actually less stressful than the primary. I was impressed with how most of the inspectors were well organized and we were able to process their paperwork relatively easily. We were finished by about 10:00 and then went home to watch election coverage.

I am pleased that Obama took my old stomping ground (New England) but I’m even more pleased that he took Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana. When I was watching his speech last night in Grant Park I was very moved, and I haven’t felt that way about an election ever. I think that this signals an important change in this country and while I’m trying to be realistic as well as optimistic (politicians have made grand promises to us before) I think that this is exactly what our country needed.

I’m also very pleased about the youth vote.

Now it’s time to get to work.

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