Wednesday (Origami Swans) Musings

I received several origami swans from one of my students today and it made me think back to when I tried origami. I was a kid, and I didn’t really have the patience for it. This fact amuses me now because of what I’ve chosen as a profession: poetry/teaching. Both require infinite patience, but somehow I couldn’t manage origami.

Paul McCartney. A man of many talents a lot of freaking money:


Adam Kirsch has an essay, The Fight for Recognition, in Poetry. It’s an interesting essay and below are some excerpts I pulled out that I found thought provoking:

It is because writing is a communication of one’s mind and experience–one’s being–that it promises to gratify the original desire of spirit: to have one’s being confirmed by having it acknowledged by others. Writers makes others the mirror of the self.

Because there is not enough money in the world, people steal; because there is not enough power, people do violence; because there is not enough recognition, they make art.

Online, there are no mediating institutions–no editors, magazines, publishing houses, or critics with the power to confer or protect literary reputation.

So too with the virtual mind of the inconceivable future. When it looks for traces of us, it will not turn to novels or poems, but to emails, blogs, and Facebook pages.

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