Wednesday (Final Edits!) Musings

Before I begin working on my final edits for my thesis (yay!) I’m going to fill out this survey found on one of the blogs I read regularly. I have not filled one of these out since my days as an undergrad, but I like this one, so here goes:

  • My uncle once: fell off a roof when he was drunk.
  • Never in my life: will I wear a fur coat.
  • When I was five: cut my face open with a Bic razor trying to shave like my dad.
  • High school was: annoying and enjoyable at the same time.
  • I will never forget: the time my current boyfriend drove down to Texas to break up with me, got his car towed, had to walk to a bar (in the rain) and get a ride from a bouncer to get his car out of impound. He gave me the receipt from the towing company when we got back together.
  • Once I met: Tom Ridge.
  • Once at a bar:copied graffiti from a bathroom stall for a poem.
  • By noon I’m usually: eating lunch or grading or writing poems.
  • Last night: I made baked talapia and spinach salad and watched Mystery Diagnosis.
  • If I only had: lots of free time..
  • What worries me most: is that all I do is in vain.
  • If I were a character in Shakespeare: I’d be dead or insane because I also identify with the tragedies.
  • I have a hard time understanding: cruelty of any kind.
  • You know I like you if: I talk to you about my poetry.
  • Take my advice, never: go looking for an apple orchard without directions.
  • My ideal breakfast is: breakfast casserole my mom makes at Christmas time and a mimosa.
  • If you visit my hometown, I suggest you: bring walking shoes and a taste for cheap alcohol.
  • Why won’t people: read more?
  • The world could do without:hate .
  • I’d rather lick the belly of a cockroach than: hurt an animal (any animal).
  • My favorite blonds are: my dad.
  • If I do anything well, it’s: be an emotional roller coaster.
  • And, by the way: I’m mailing my thesis out on Friday!

Added Note: The word on the street is that I’m getting a new camera for Christmas. Although the giver of said camera refuses to admit that’s my gift, so he keeps referring it to as a “bike.” Anyway. I’m really excited about my new “bike” and come the first of the year I’m going to post a new photo every week. Because I don’t have any just yet, I’m using this lovely picture of a hydrangea for a place holder.

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