Wednesday (I look like an elf) Musings

This morning I put on navy slacks, a green turtleneck, and my favorite green shoes. As I was leaving the house, I grabbed a red shrug to bring to school in case I was cold. Only now do I realize that I look like an elf.

Oh well.

I bought this as a “good job you finished your thesis” present to myself. I think it’s lovely.

I found the seller on, which is an awesome crafty website. If you love one of a kind handmade items, you need to check out this site. It is fantastic.

A little while back my daughter told me the following depressing joke:
Woman: What do you do?
Man: Me? Oh, I write books.
Woman: How interesting! Have you sold anything recently?
Man: Why, yes. My couch, my car and my flat-screen television.

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