Wednesday (Holy sh*t it’s cold!) Musings

It is very cold. Everywhere. After watching the weather and a few morning shows today before heading to school, I’ve made one important decision: I am never moving to Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, or Montana. I know snow. I grew up in New England before moving to Erie. However, the temperatures in Fargo are just not right. Hell, the temperatures in Chicago right now are just not right. Thank goodness for all things fleece.

We had some weather here this morning, so I received the usual onslaught of emails about poor road conditions. I don’t know if the road conditions were poor. I live six blocks from school;however, I also know that Hoosiers are notorious for over reacting to snow, ice, or any combination thereof. The fact of the matter is, missing the second day of class is not a smart move.

Marxist principles have been dripping steadily into the minds of American youth for more than a century. This isn’t altogether surprising. After all, most parents want their children to be far left in their early years — to share toys, to eschew the torture of siblings, to leave a clean environment behind them, to refrain from causing the extinction of the dog, to rise above coveting and hoarding, and to view the blandishments of corporate America through a lens of harsh skepticism.

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