Tuesday (Snow. Again.) Musings

I think I’m over winter. The weather forecasted “snow showers” for today but when I left at 7:30 this morning, the snow was coming down at a steady clip. Needless to say, the morning commute was a mess. My students were all late (understandably) and one student informed me that they had closed three of the major interstates. The weather service issued a Severe Winter Weather Advisory and it is in effect until noon. I hope it stops snowing, because otherwise the evening commute is going to be very messy.

I’ve discovered a market, Georgetown Market, that sells meat from local Indiana farms as well as cheese, eggs, and baked goods. I’ve decided to start dividing my grocery shopping between Georgetown and the Farmer’s Market. I really want to support local farmers and I think this is important. As an important side note, RJ and I had pork chops last night and they tasted wonderful.

This article gives me hope:

In a hundred ways, we pretend that screen experiences are books —
PowerBooks, notebooks, e-books — but even a child knows the difference. Reading books is an operation with paper. Playing games on the Web is something else entirely. I need to admit this to myself, too. I try to believe that reading online is reading-plus, with the text searchable, hyperlinked and accompanied by video, audio, photography and graphics. But maybe it’s just not reading at all. Just as screens aren’t books.

One of the ways I like to procrastinate is by browsing the NY Times Arts & Design section and looking at their slide shows. Here are a few of my favorite pieces:

“The Dessert,” 1940, by Pierre Bonnard

“Time of Change,” 1943, by Morris Graves

2 thoughts on “Tuesday (Snow. Again.) Musings

  1. I am in total agreement about “books”, and I am comforted by the fact that even though sales may be down, people continue to read (book clubs are thriving) and books play an important part in our cultural “idlyllic life”.The snow can stop anytime.

  2. I’m in total agreement over the weather statement – I’m over winter too! Just think you’ll be in cabo in like 4 weeks! Woohoo!

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