Friday (Submission) Musings

As I mentioned earlier this week, I’ve been preparing packets of submissions to go out. I’ve noticed a couple of things while researching journals that I think are interesting.

First, as far as I can tell, not as many journals are moving to online submission as you think. I still have to send hard copies to most places. In fact out of the twenty some journals I have as possibilities, I think only two or three use online submission. Also, those two or three are online journals.

Two, who doesn’t take simultaneous submissions? Not many people, but there are still a few. I know my opinion doesn’t count for much, but I think not accepting simultaneous submissions is a mistake. I know that if I come across that line in the submission guidelines, I don’t even bother to send my work. Let’s face it, it still takes many journals a couple of months to read through submissions. I’m not going to let someone hold my work hostage. Especially when there are no guarantees. As a side note, I noticed a lot of places will accept simultaneous submissions from prose writers but not for poets…

Three, the “what we’re looking for sections” on most journal websites are still frustrating. I genuinely appreciate it when journals try to give writers and idea of what they’re looking for. But, (you knew it was coming) this is only useful when it actually tells you something about the journal. All journals want to publish new and unique poetry. Who doesn’t?

I’m sending packets out next week.

Ms. Rosalia, 54, is part of a growing cadre of 21st-century multimedia specialists who help guide students through the digital ocean of information that confronts them on a daily basis. These new librarians believe that literacy includes, but also exceeds, books.

UNC creative writing professor and poet Michael McFee has won the 2009 James Still Award for Writing About the Appalachian South.

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