Wednesday (Rested!) Musings

I’m feeling much better today. I don’t know if I had a touch of something or it was just the normal exhaustion, but I seem to be back to center.

R shared this quote with me today from his online class: “Reading is a performance of the written word” from Thinking in Type by Ellen Lupton. I like this quote. I think I’m going to hang it on my wall and point to it when students ask me “Why do we have to read?”

As part of the class-action settlement, Google will pay $125 million to create a system under which customers will be charged for reading a copyrighted book, with the copyright holder and Google both taking percentages; copyright holders will also receive a flat fee for the initial scanning, and can opt out of the whole system if they wish.

A third and final novel by David Foster Wallace will be released posthumously by his longtime publisher, Little, Brown & Company, The Associated Press reported.

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