Saturday (Spring Cleaning) Musings

Our apartment has been in state of disrepair since we returned from Cabo, so today I’m going to do something about it. I don’t mind organized clutter but this place is just out of control. I also purchased a new elliptical machine for my birthday. I was not a planned purchase but the deal was too good to pass up, so I ordered it Wednesday, canceled my gym membership Thursday, and it arrived on Friday. I’m looking forward to powering it up.

These were taken outside our apartment building this morning.


Elegy for Sol LeWitt

The weather map today is pale. The lines on the map
are like the casts of fishing lines
looping and curved briefly across air.
The sky now, also, toward evening, is pale.
On Sunday, in Beacon, there were lines
drawn on walls and also lines
drawn across the canvases of the last paintings
of Agnes Martin. One of them has two pale squares
on a blackened field.

The lines on your walls
follows directions
as if

as if there were a kind of logic
charged with motion
at the end of winter: the pale blue northern cold
almost merged with the pale green
at Hartford, and then the blank newsprint of the sea.

Anne Lauterbach

*Courtesy of the Academy of American Poetry and their poem a day project for National Poetry Month.

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