Wednesday (Anxious) Musings

I began filling out my self evaluation at school yesterday. This is standard operating procedure at my community college as part of the end of the semester review. The evaluation itself didn’t cause any anxiety, but as I wrote it, I began to reflect, and, well, you can guess where that went.

Today is one of those days where I’m considering (not too seriously) of giving up the poetic ship. I think I’m just frustrated that I’m not writing as much as I should be. On the bright side, I am reading a lot (collections, journals, email postings, etc). I have some ideas but I can’t really commit them to paper just yet. Sometimes I feel like I’m doing enough and sometimes I don’t. There is also the “book question” that keeps drifting in and out of my consciousness like a dream I can’t quite remember. I’m a really slow writer, so the prospect of a book is very daunting. I keep thinking about cohesiveness in a collection and I’m starting to worry that my poems don’t really relate to one or another, or maybe they do and I’m not smart enough to understand how.

In other news, the winners for the poetry contest I judged at my community college are now posted. I awarded first place, second place, third place and an honorable mention. I also chose one winner in the haiku category. Enjoy!

Plenty, and at least part of it is personal. I recently finished my second thriller, or so I thought. When I sent it to several fine writer friends, I received this feedback: the protagonist and his girlfriend can’t spend the whole book unable to get in touch with each other. Not in the cellphone era.

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