Thursday Musings

This is my last day of classes for the week. Unfortunately, it is a long day. Two classes this morning, office hours this afternoon, and then back to school @ 7 for my creative writing course.

I wrote a poem this morning about a single mother. I know this comes directly from teaching and I know I’ll have to revise this poem many times to get it right. I feel like it is a subject that requires special care and consideration, because it can become trite so quickly. I’m hoping it develops into something…

I finished the last issue of Poetry just in time to receive my next issue. I liked a lot of the poetry in the beginning section. This is one of my favorites.

Blowing the Fluff Away

The sprig of unknown bloom you sent last fall
spent the long winter drying on my wall,
mounted on black. But it had turned to fluff
some months ago. Tonight I took it down
because I thought that I had had enough
of staring at it. Brittle, dry and brown,
it seemed to speak too plainly of a waste
of friendship, forced to flower, culled in haste.

So, after months of fearing to walk past
in case the stir should scatter it to bits,
I took it out to scatter it at last
with my own breath, and so to call us quits.
—Fooled! for the fluff was nothing but a sheath,
with tiny, perfect flowers underneath.

Robyn Sarah

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