Saturday Musings

Butternut squash from our CSA.

Acorn squash from our CSA.

Fall flowers.

Swedish apple pie. The recipe was my aunts’ and it is delicious.


Last night we went to the Indie Handicraft Exchange at the Harrison Arts Center. There are booths for local vendors to display and sell their crafts. There are also a lot of studios where local artists have their original artwork for sale and display.

We purchased three different items. Pictures are listed below.

Fun pushpins for my office by Becca White.

This beautiful journal is made by Binding Bee.

This little pillow is made by Bebito.

We also entered a raffle and won this cool, modern clock.

This clock is by Uncommon.


The second reading in our speaker series at school is taking place today. Today’s program features South Carolina Poet Laureate Marjory Wentworth. Here is a poem of hers that appeared in Nimrod.

Nocturne 2006

Owls call from the hollows.
This is the sound of the moon.
Light shattering like glass
across the night. Sky
filled with ghosts. They have
traveled far. This room holds
their voices like a box
of cracked bones. I remember
how to write my name
in a swirl of Arabic.
It is a secret. Sound,
like the sound of my name
in the halls where I walked
through moonlight, stepping
over soldiers facing Mecca.
The faces of the tortured are
familiar. Beneath hoods, a voice
I recognize. A muscled thigh, feet
in shackles, buttocks and kneecaps.
Skin smelling of sweat and urine.

A man is named for a prophet.
He calls for him in the darkness.
Naked and cold in a cage,
his middle name is God.

Majory Wentworth

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