Sunday Musings

My community college is sponsoring a book discussion over Sapphire’s popular book Push. I read the book this afternoon (only about 150 pages or so) and I think that it’s an excellent book to discuss in a academic environment. While incredibly and graphically disturbing at points, the overall message of the book, knowledge equals empowerment, is an important one for students and professors.

I must admit that I am surprised that in a culture where we are hypersensitive to any type of sexual content in media (just think Janet Jackson’s breast at the Super Bowl) that I have not heard more backlash against this book in the media. I think books like this are important because they call the issues of rape, incest, and child abuse to the forefront of consciousness and make it hard to look away. However, I also know that a vast majority of the public doesn’t like to look at these issues. It is easier to look away. It calls to mind how I felt when I read The Color Purple and Beloved, and I’m glad that it has received so much attention, if for no other reason than people will read it. But it also reminds me of when I received the reading list for my 10th grade AP English class and Song of Solomon was listed. Needless to say, there were a few parents who were upset about that choice.

Every Sunday I check out Frank Warren’s website to read the new Sunday secrets. If you’re not familiar with postsecret, there is a link to Frank’s site at the bottom of by blog. This Sunday there was a secret that made me happy:

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