A New Office for the New Year

Over the winter break my community college packed up the Liberal Arts & Sciences department and moved us over to our new building, currently named Illinois/Fall Creek (these are the two streets it sits on). When I arrived Tuesday, things were a bit chaotic. There is still a lot of construction going on, so there was plenty of dust and power tools and men with hard hats. Our offices were in a state of disarray with extra furniture and cube walls that were not in the right spots. Luckily, by Wednesday the extra furniture was gone, our computers were up and online, our spiffy new phones worked and the cubes were all the correct size.

My cozy cube.

My new window! I brought two plants in immediately.

This view from my window shows the front of the new building. If you look off to the right you can see downtown.

I’m very pleased with my new office space. I currently share it with two other professors and they are awesome. There is a lot of natural light and the air quality is much better than where we were before. The building as a whole is gorgeous and will be even more so once it is completely finished. They are letting students in on Monday. Let the spring semester begin.

One thought on “A New Office for the New Year

  1. That is way cool! I haven't been around for a while, so it took me a moment to notice what building this was. I knew they had bought it, but I had no idea what they had planned to do with it. Looks nice!

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