A Few Of My Favorite Things

Delicious & hearty.

I love these crackers with cheese, meat, peanut butter, apples and the list goes on. They are so delicious and reasonably healthy and filling. You should go out and buy some right now.



Shoes. I love shoes. These are two pairs I recently purchased on sale. I think the Vena is arriving today. Good times.


Receiving and sending letters is wonderful. I love arriving home to find a letter waiting for me and I love being able to sit down at the end of a long day and write to someone.

Good books.

 Right now I am reading this collection of short stories by Joyce Carol Oates and I’m really enjoying it. Look for a future blog post once I’ve finished the book.

Best show ever.

If you have not seen this show, you need to watch it. It is on PBS Masterpiece Classic Sundays @ 9:00 PM. It is amazing and as my husband says after every episode, “this is the best show on T.V.!”

Warrior Pose.

I started yoga last week and I love it. I take my yoga class once a week at the Y and I always feel 100% better after I complete the class. Try yoga. You’ll like it.

Poetry is good for the brain.

I’ve gotten back to writing after the winter break and I love it. I’ve been waking up with ideas for poems lately and I hope it is a trend that continues.

2 thoughts on “A Few Of My Favorite Things

  1. Love you new shoes!! Tooooo pretty!! And I love yoga – think I'm addicted…missed 3 weeks over holidays and busy work sched. and could not wait to get back to class! It really makes you feel like a new person! Glad you are getting into it! I said as long as I can still move, I'll keep going! It is so nice to read your writings Bri – Thanks for sharing & take care 🙂

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