This past Saturday I went “thrifting” with some girlfriends. It was awesome. We started out by having breakfast at a local east side favorite:

Diners, Drive Ins & Dives visited awhile ago. It is delicious. 

Then we started making our way through some east side thrift stores. We all found some treasures and we all spent under $10. In fact, we all spent more on breakfast than we spent shopping (and breakfast was not expensive).

This is my haul from a day of thrifting.

Materials for a future crafting project.


Vintage children’s books.

Why “thrifting” is awesome:

1. I spent $8.50
2. I bought five vintage children’s books for $1
3. I found three tea cups for a future craft project
4. I found a Charter Club Jacket for $5
5. I found a ceramic bunny and squirrel
6. I had a lot of fun with my girlfriends
7. I got to run around the east side

I will definitely be “thrifting” again and you should all go too.

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