The Super Bowl Came to Indy and I Caught a Cold…

The Super Bowl came to my city this weekend and where was I for the majority of the time? In my house nursing my first (and hopefully my last) cold of the winter. It started on Tuesday and today I am finally beginning to feel semi normal. By semi-normal I mean that I can breath out of both nostrils.


I managed to make it downtown on Friday afternoon, so here are some pics from the circle and the Super Bowl Village:

Bud Light was a major sponsor but I refuse to pay $6 for their beer.

I live here and I’ve never eaten at St. Elmo’s.

Lots of fans…

I took this picture for my dad. Go Giants!

And here are some pics from around the city that I got off the internet:

Outside the Children’s Museum. From
The zip line from the
Crowds at the Super Bowl Village were estimated at 200, 0000. From

I am watching the game from the comfort of a friend’s house this evening but I hope everyone who is downtown has a great time. Have fun, be safe and GO Giants!

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