The Elevated Envelope

A few months ago I signed up for the Elevated Envelope project. I found information about the project on the LWA website and I thought it looked like fun. I’ve spent the last few months making my envelopes and they are finally ready to go in the mail (ahead of the May 15 deadline).

I decided to do use a theme for my design but I wanted to make each envelope unique, so because it is National Poetry month and I’m a poet, I decided to use poetry as my theme. I picked 10 of my favorite poems and designed each envelope around that poem. I enclosed a copy of the poem and a brief note inside the envelope. Hopefully, my recipients will enjoy them.

Elizabeth Bishop “The Fish,” Rita Dove “Daystar,” Robert Hayden “Those Winter Sundays”& James Wright “A Blessing.”

Pablo Neruda “Sonnet XVII,” Wallace Stevens “Sunday Morning” & Emily Dickinson “#254.”

Mark Strand “Eating Poetry,” Mary Oliver “Sleeping in the Forest” & Frank O’Hara “Why I Am Not a Painter.”

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