Summer: Highs and Lows

All of a sudden it is August 9th and summer is coming to end. Labor Day is right around the corner, the fall semester starts August 20th and the kids have already gone back to school. This summer has been a strange one, so I give you a list of highs and lows (in no particular order):


1. 2012 Summer Olympics. I love the Olympics. I love handball, water polo, weight lifting, beach volleyball and on and on and on. I especially love the equestrian events. Thanks to DVR, I recorded all the 3 Day eventing, Dressage and show jumping. It’s awesome and I am happy.

2. Indiana State Fair. There’s nothing like a giant lemon flavored milkshake and barns full of livestock to make a girl smile. It’s the year of the dairy cow at the fair this year, and that also makes me smile.

3.  Summer trips. We’ve been to Murray, KY, Louisville, KY, Erie, PA and Pittsburgh, PA this summer. We’ve attended weddings, family reunions, alumni panels and horse races. It’s been a good time.

4. Outdoor concerts. I love sitting outside in a fold out chair and listening to live music. It’s one of my favorite summer activities.

5. The pool. I really love our outdoor pool at the local Y. It’s killer.


1. Heat. It has been a record high for temperatures this summer in Indiana. In June and July we had 100 degree temps several days in a row. When it’s hot like this, the only thing you can do is stay inside and hope it cools off.

2. Drought. My garden is crisp, my lawn looks like burnt toast and this is the first year on record that our CSA has skipped a week because they don’t have enough produce. Hay is $10 a bale and the corn crop is decimated. I’m over it.

3. Water ban. Because we’re are in a severe drought, we can’t water. This leads to my garden going from crispy to downright dead. Sigh.

4. Sleeping in the heat. Yes, we have central air. Yes, we have several fans. However, when it’s 101 degrees during the day, the low temps at night are about 90. That makes it really hot. Even if you do have AC, you’re going to sweat.

5. Burn ban. We have a new grill and a new fire pit. How many times have we used them this summer? Once and that was back in May.

Note: As I type this post, it is overcast and raining. I think it’s been raining all night. Keep your fingers crossed…

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