The Perils of Holiday Decorating

Once again the holiday season is upon us (let’s not dwell on the fact that this is my first post in several months) and today I took on the task of decorating our house.  I enjoy decorating for Christmas. I find it fun and it usually puts my in the spirit, but it does come with a few frustrations:

1. Lights. Out of the six strands of white lights that I use for Christmas decorating (garlands, wreaths, trees, etc) only two strands lit up when plugged in. To say that I found this annoying would be an understatement.

2. Artificial garland. It’s scratchy. It’s dusty. It makes my hands and forearms look like I’ve gone four rounds with a food processor. I like the way it looks when it’s up and I’m sure it is much easier to wrangle then real garland but still…

3. Missing decorations. I like to think I’m fairly organized person, but I do misplace things which was evident today when I tore my house apart looking for a decoration that I was certain was in a rubbermaid tub. It was in fact in a plastic bag at the bottom of my stairs. Yeah…

4. Materials. I was pretty sure that this year I would not need any new decorations or replacements. Clearly I did not anticipate the light fiasco, so I will be venturing back out to Target tomorrow for a few items.

5. Placement. We don’t have a large house, which is good because I have a hard enough time remembering where I put everything the year before. I try to take photographs, but sometimes you have to shake things up.

Photos will make an appearance when I’m done with the decorating, which should happen by tomorrow night as long as there isn’t another “lighting incident.” Ahem.

In other news, we attended our first holiday party of the season last night. It was hosted by our friends, the Nicols, and it was beautiful and festive. I bought a new dress for the occasion:

Doing my part in cheetah print. You’re damn right. 

Man, I love the holidays. 

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