Making A Comeback: The Bath

Last Friday it occurred to me that we have lived in our house for three years and I have never taken a bath in our bathtub. In fact, once I started thinking about it, I realized that I had not taken a bath since my wedding when we were lucky enough to have the honeymoon suite which included a whirpool tub.

I like baths. I used to take them a lot more often, but I think I can pinpoint the moment I stopped making them a regular part of my routine: when I moved out of my parents house. I mean honestly, who takes baths in college? There were no tubs in the dorms and the tub in our rented house senior year just didn’t seem clean enough. Then I moved to grad school and had a nice apartment with a nice big tub, but still no baths. No baths while living with the four boys (four boys is explanation enough) and our first apartment in Indy had a teeny tiny tub. Now we’re in our house with a decent sized bathroom and tub and I decided the time had come to take that bath.

Things you need for a successful bath:

1. Hot water
2. Bath salts, bubble bath or body wash
3. Magazines
4. Wine
5. Candles

Wine & candles.


Friday night (I know, my life is wild and crazy) I had all these items and more importantly, I had the time, so off I went to draw a bath. It was nice. I think I’ll be taking a lot more.

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