Female Celebrities I Admire

I feel like as a culture we spend a lot of time focusing on the negative when it comes to celebrities. This could be an entire blog on its own, but over Christmas my mom and I were sitting in her kitchen talking about what a train wreck Lindsay Lohan has made out of her life/career and I thought, “what about all the women in movies, music, television, and cyber space that are not train wrecks?” I’m not saying the women below will win a Noble Peace Prize or that they’re not flawed (who isn’t?) but I enjoy them for their art, their commentary, their fashion sense and their overall celebrity coolness.

I read Tina Fey’s Bossypants about a year ago and you should read it too. I laughed and laughed. Mean Girls is the only Lindsay Lohan I have seen or will ever see and it still makes me laugh. Tina Fey is funny, smart and rocks her glasses. She’s going to host the Golden Globes this year  with Amy Poehler and I will watch only because of her. I loved her acceptance speech when she won the Mark Twain Prize and I appreciated her humor at the recent Kennedy Center Awards ceremony. Funny, genuinely funny, is awesome.

OK, not be shallow, but first, do you see this woman? Do you see her? OK, now that that’s out of the way…I liked The Devil Wears Prada and as soon as I stop being a wimp, I will go see Les Mis. I like that Anne Hathaway refused to discuss her “wardrobe malfunction” or her “drastic weight loss” on the Today Show. I like how she made fun of herself on the Daily Show and was clearly embarrassed when John Stewart complimented her talent. I like that she loves her new hair cut. I like that she is well spoken and smart and a has a killer wardrobe. I like that she seems like a real human being.

I have had a love affair going with Maggie Smith ever since I saw her in Evil Under the Sun, which was made in 1982 (a year after I was born). I’ve rediscovered my love of her in My House in Umbria and Gosford Park. I was thrilled when she agreed to be Professor McGonagall in Harry Potter and she has the best lines in Downton Abbey. To paraphrase a comment from Julian Fellows, creator of Gosford Park and Downton Abbey, Maggie Smith is the only actress that can make you love and hate a character all at the same time. Brilliant.

A good friend of mine burned me the first Norah Jones album while we were in college. I listened to it about 150 times in a row. Come Away With Me is one of my favorite albums and the title song is just beautiful. I love her voice and how she’s always working on a new an interesting project.

 My sister turned me onto Florence & The Machine and the first album, Lungs, is one of my favorites. Her voice is powerful and glorious and her songs are ethereal and lyrical. Favorite tracks? #1, 7, 9 &12.

This may be one that many people disagree with me about, but this is my list, so too bad. I like Jillian Michaels because she’s tough and I like tough. I have two of her work out dvds and they are hard but awesome. I have not watched The Biggest Loser since she left, but now she’s back, so I may tune in. I like that she’s in your face but also fair. I like that she adopted two children and is a working mom. She doesn’t take any crap. Nice.

Emma Watson is classy. Emma Watson is smart. Emma Watson is pretty. Emma Watson is stylish. Emma Watson is English. Emma Watson was Hermione Granger. What’s not to like? What I like most about Emma Watson is her promise. She’s talented and young, so I hope to see her in so many more roles in the future.

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