Why Creative Writing Students Are Cool: A List

1. One of my online creative writing students informed the class that she had visited a shaman at the end of the last term and that he had advised her to write more for her spiritual health.

2. At the end of my Tuesday morning class, a young man came up to my desk, shook my hand, and told me he was looking forward to the class.

3. When asked about favorite writers, one student replied, “I like Bukowski because he was a drunk and never edited his poems.”

4. My students use words like “macabre” and “plethora” and they use them correctly!

5. When taking attendance, one of my students informed me she wanted to be called “twin” because she has an identical twin sister.

6. Only in a creative writing class will you get questions about sex, drugs, cussing and mental illness when it comes to content. Only in creative writing will I say, “Go for it.”

Some of my creative writing students at the IMA’s 100 Acre Park.

7. Not one of my creative writing students has asked me “do I need the book?” (see previous post)

8. I have several students who admitted that they “liked to write poetry” the first day. Hallelujah!

9. Several of my students claimed that they were enrolled in creative writing because “they were good at it.” Whether this is true or not, isn’t particularly relevant. What is relevant is that they are coming to the class with a type of confidence that you don’t find in intro level classes.

10. Some of them were smiling before class began and they were still smiling after class was over.

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