Poetry in Print & The Beginning of Spring

Three of my poems, “Song,” “Seed” and “Stargazer” appeared in the Fall 2013 issue of Rust + Moth and now that issue is available in print.

My physical copies of New Plains Review & Grey Sparrow arrived this week.

After surviving the polar vortex, classes began this week with rain and milder temperatures. I met with my creative writing class yesterday and out of twenty-five enrolled students, twenty-two showed up. I am am still somewhat surprised by these numbers even though they been steadily rising for several semesters now. When I first started teach this class, I was lucky to have ten students enrolled.

I’m embarking on a few new teaching adventures this semester, including working with some new technology and teaching a new section of World Literature for our fledgling Honors College.

I took some time off of writing over the holidays, which isn’t abnormal. I still journal and write down ideas, but I didn’t have a chance to formally draft anything as we were traveling for much of our holiday. I am looking forward to sitting down to write some new poems and start revising some work from last fall.

One thought on “Poetry in Print & The Beginning of Spring

  1. Yay Bri!! I'm so excited!! I just opened the mail and have received my issue of 'Rust + Moth'!! YOU are the top billing, first listed 'in this issue' content section! Love all three of your Poems here!! I got Bubba an issue too, so I'll have to walk up and visit her soon!! Thanks and Congratulations! xo Lynn

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