21st Century Man, poem by Brianna Pike (Celebrity Free Verse Poetry Series)

I discovered this blog and press through social media and I’ve been reading these poems all month. It’s a really brilliant project and I like the idea of a “found poem.” Anyway. Here’s my take (posted today) featuring the words of Mr. Tom Hiddleston.

Silver Birch Press

21st Century Man
by Brianna Pike

Do I like being famous?
It’s sort of inconsequential.
I fear I’m initially quite private.
To be honest about my boundaries
encourages intimacy and intimacy
is really where it’s at. You don’t
get there if you’re pretending to be
anyone else. Why would you do that?

To answer the question: Is it enough?

SOURCE: “Tom Hiddleston: A god Among men?” Elle UK (March 2014).

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: A particular area of interest for me as a poet is the push and pull of the private vs. the public self. I think this is especially interesting when it comes to actors because they are constantly stepping into different lives as the characters they inhabit and then they must take those lives into the public sphere. To me, the underlying current in this interview with Tom Hiddleston is the tension of finding balance while living…

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