Tupelo Press and The 30/30 Project


April is National Poetry Month, and this year I have the good fortune of participating in Tupelo Press’s 30/30 Project during the month of April.

Each month Tupelo Press selects a group of poets for their 30/30 Project. I will be writing a poem each day of National Poetry Month, and these poems will be published on the 30/30 blog at https://tupelopress.wordpress.com/3030-project/. The purpose of this project is twofold: to support and raise awareness for poetry, and to fundraise for the small press that created this wonderful project. If you’re not familiar with Tupelo, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) literary press, please check them out here: http://www.tupelopress.org/.

My fundraising goal is $350, and I am offering the following incentives for those of you would be interested in sponsoring me during the month of April:

  • For a donation of $15, you pick the subject and I’ll write the poem as part of my 30/30 project.
  • For a donation of $30, I will send you a copy of one of my previously published poems. You’ll be able to choose from five poems and the poem will arrive in your hands via USPS printed on high quality paper, signed with a personalized note of thanks for supporting this project.

If you decide to sponsor me during the month of April, please visit the 30/30 blog at https://tupelopress.wordpress.com/3030-project/ to make your donation. It is very important that you fill out the “In Honor Of” field with “Brianna Pike,” so Tupelo knows to credit the donation to me. If you are sponsoring me, please contact me via email, Facebook or Twitter to give me your subject and/or your contact info so I can send you your poem.

I’m very excited about this project, and even if you’re not inclined to sponsor me during the month of April I encourage you to check out the blog every day and take a look at the poems. I’ll be re-blogging, posting on Facebook and tweeting throughout the month, so you can follow the project that way as well.

Everyone needs a little poetry in their life, so I thank you in advance for your support.



Email: bripike@gmail.com

Twitter: @bripike

Facebook: Brianna Pike

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