Tattoosday: National Poetry Month Edition

About a month ago I learned about Bill Cohen’s Tattoosday Blog and was thrilled to hear that he does a special feature for tattooed poets during the month of April to celebrate National Poetry Month. I got my first tattoo last year (around this time), so I thought I’d see if I could participate in this cool project.

Today I’m up on the blog, so check it out and make sure to keep checking back throughout the month for more interesting ink.

Also, many thanks to Bill for including me in his project!


One thought on “Tattoosday: National Poetry Month Edition

  1. I remain tatooless for several reasons: I have no idea what it would be; I have no idea where to put it; I am not fond of pain. I remember going to a poetry reading ten years ago. The featured poet was Jimmy Santiago Baca, one of my favorites. Another poet was there whose name I fail to recall. However, he had covered his arms with the most brilliantly colored tattoos I have ever seen.

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