Time never stops, but does it end?

January 11th, 2016 and it finally snowed in Indianapolis. I could hear the snow blowing off the trees when I got up to feed Cam at 5 this morning, and it was while I was scrolling through my phone, baby resting against my chest, eyes closed, eating in slow measured swallows that I learned David Bowie died.

I remembered Tracy K. Smith’s poem, Don’t You Wonder, this morning while prepping for my intro poetry class that meets this afternoon. The title of this post comes from third stanza of the second section, and I plan on bringing copies to class today.

I’m also starting a new little project this semester where I share a poem a week outside my office door. I’ve tied it into the course work for two of my classes, but I really just wanted to share poems with people, because that’s the best part of my job.



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