National Poetry Month: A List of What Made Me Happy This Week

1. Reading submissions for our next issue of The Indianapolis Review. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook. If you’re a poet or artist, send us some of your work! We read on a rolling basis

Original artwork by our EIC Natalie Solmer.

2. The Art Fair at my community college. It’s a fundraiser for the Fine Art’s Department Art Club and it was amazing. What does this have to do with poetry? Look at the journals I bought!


3. Meeting with The Blank Page. This is our student creative writing group on campus that I started when I was still an adjunct. It’s a small group but mighty and I always leave our meetings feeling energized even if sometimes we talk more than we write.

4. An acceptance of two poems. I’ve been in the drafting and revising stages with a lot of my work for the last year and half or so (I know because the last acceptance I had included a poem I wrote when my son was about four months old and he’s going to be three in May), so I’m so thrilled to have two brand new poems out in the world. I’ll post here when they go live.

5. Out of Wonder. I read my son poems from this book on a regular basis and it makes me happy every time.



6. Writing with my students. This week in my creative writing class we wrote poems using the haibun form (Thanks Two Sylvia’s for introducing me to this form!) In my poetry class we talked sestinas and they’re working on groups on their own. It’s fun to draft with them and keeps me writing during the semester.

Don’t forget that in celebration of National Poetry Month I’m sharing a poem a day on FacebookInstagram & Twitter. Let’s read some poems together!

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