“Not All Lifelines Are Found on Your Hands or An Ode to My C-Section Scar”

Time in a pandemic is strange to say the least. This is especially the case as we come up on a year of social distancing and masking and hoping for vaccine that appears to finally be here.

This poem is a special one to me as it examines my physical body in a way that I don’t normally address in my poetry. It could be said that birth is a momentous and awe inspiring experience. It could be true that you look back on the birth of your child or children as a spiritual time. It could be said that you found it rejuvenating.

I think what could definitely be said, no matter what your experience may have been, is that is also traumatic. There’s no way around that trauma and that’s the idea this particular poem grapples with. I’m thankful to Fish Barrel Review for publishing it.

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