Tuesday (Seasonal Relapse) Musings

It is April 21 and we’re expecting light snow flurries today and temperatures in the 40s. Spring is a tease, especially here in Indiana. This weekend it was 70 and sunny, so who knows. I’m hoping in another week the nice weather will come to stay.
The Luxury of Hesitation (excerpt from The Proof from Motion)

I could

burn in hell forever

set the glass
down, our
emotion’s moment

eyes vs sunlight

how removed
here, from

towards the unfamiliar and

frankincense forests
against the discerning light


frightful indeed, the sound of
traffic and
no appetite

the crowd

I would like to be
beautiful when

Keith Waldrop

*Courtesy of the Academy of American Poetry for National Poetry Month.

The final two lines of this poem are why I decided to post it. Wonderful.