A Day Spent At Home Writing

I’ve spent the entire day at home revising poems, reading poetry and occasionally asking my fuzzy pup, Kweli, if he thinks a certain line or word sounds right. He has very discerning taste. My two Zebra Finches, Humphrey & Pip, just chirp at me whenever I speak to them.

What a lovely day it has been to stay in my house and work. Actually, this week overall has been pretty great. Two fellow poets from Murray had work published this week: Karissa Knox Sorrell & Pamela Johnson Parker. These are wonderful poems and you should read them.

Unexpected Blooms

My return to “Photo Friday” 

One of the perks of finally being in a office with a window is that I got to bring in one of my house plants. What kind of house plant you ask? Good question. I have no idea. I also had no idea that this plant could produce flowers, so you can imagine my surprise when I walked into my office on Monday and saw eight of these waxy flowers adoring my plant.

Odds and Ends

Fall is here at that means that it’s time to send my poems out into the literary universe once again. I’ve blogged about this process before but to sum it up, I compare it to my experiences riding horses growing up: it was fun, sometimes rewarding and often painful. However, I loved riding and I love writing, so I press on. 
A bit of good news on the submission front is that I’ve had my poem, “Wigs,” picked up for publication by Hamilton Stone Review. The poem will appear in their October 2013 issue online. I’ll post a link when it becomes available, but until then take some time and read through their previous issues. There are some wonderful poems including work by my friend, poet Larry O’Dean.
Otherwise, the fall is slowly making it’s way into Indiana. This morning is overcast and the temperature has finally begun to come down from the 90’s to the 60’s. This weekend we went to the orchard and yesterday afternoon, I dumped my impatiens,well past wilted, and replaced them with spicy scented mums. I’m pleased to report that I’ve been writing frequently and I’m happy with how some of the drafts are starting to shape up. 
I’ve thought about putting myself on a bit of “schedule” to blog, as part of my absence as of late has been because I am easily distracted and sometimes I just can’t think of much to write about, so I’ve devised a “plan” to hopefully keep me posting more:
Monday– posts should be poetry related
Wednesday– posts should be teaching/job related
Friday– posts should be photography related
These are all topics I write about anyway, but I want to get back to making time to take pictures during the week and to reflect on my teaching. It’s good for me, so I should do it more. I’ll try it out for a week or two and see how it goes.