Poetry Has Value

I’m embarking on a new venture starting this month over at Poetry Has Value (PHV) If you have not checked out Jessica Piazza’s excellent project, please take some time to read through her posts and familiarize yourself with her journey over the past year.

Jessica poses the question: What is your poetry worth?

As you can tell from the blog, there are a lot of possible answers to that question.

Where do I come in?

Well, thanks to Jessica’s idea to expand the project in 2016, I’ll be adding my stats (along with many other poets from all walks of life) and ideas to the mix. I plan to track venues where I send my poetry (individual poems and a chapbook manuscript), rejections and acceptances, fees I’ve paid to submit and any payment I’ve received for my work.  In the spirit of being a good literary citizen, I also plan to track how I heard about a publication.

I’ll be sharing this information via monthly posts on the PHV blog.

My intro post is up, so please check it out along with all other brave poets who are contributing their voices to this discussion. It’s an important one.

Poetry Has Value