Wednesday (Poe and Prozac) Musings

We took Nimbus to the vet last week and we just got the results of his blood work, and he’s healthy. I had no doubt that he was, but he’s an older cat so I was a little worried (on top of the fact that he hasn’t been to the vet in awhile). Anyway. While I was on the phone with the vet, I asked her about anti-anxiety meds for Kweli. I was informed that we could try the herbal remedy or Prozac. Yes, I said Prozac. I’ll just leave you with that thought…

Today is our third blank page meeting. I’m hoping more people show up this time. I really want to get this National Novel Writing Month project off the ground. I’m also bringing them a copy of “The Raven” by Poe in honor of Halloween.

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