Our cat, Nimbus. 

This past Monday we had to put our cat, Nimbus, to sleep. It was difficult decision and devastating for me and my husband. Nimbus was his childhood cat and came to live with us in Indy several years ago. The loss of a pet is always difficult and this week the absence of our kitty is deeply felt. I  look for him on the back of the couch. I cried when I took a shower the other morning because I remembered how he used to come drink out of the faucet. I cried when we put away his food dish. Last night, while putting on my coat to go out to my car, I picked some white cat hair off my shoulder. Again, I cried.

I’ve had pets since I was a child. Horses, cats, dogs & bunnies. They all passed away at some point and it was always a process getting over them. They become a large part of our lives and we love them fiercely.

I hope Nimbus knows he was loved. That he is loved. Always.

I love this picture because it sums up countless weekends at our house. Note all three sleeping animals.    

Happy kitty.


I had to cut a few Iris earlier this week because of a late frost that came through. Luckily, the rest of the buds hadn’t broken through yet, so they bloomed later this week.

Nimbus isn’t allowed outside and he’s pretty good about staying away from the doors, but he loves to sit in front of the screen and look out while Kweli and I are sitting on the back porch.

These are my Brandywine tomato seeds. I’m so pleased that they’re doing so well. I’ve never started tomato seeds inside before, so I was a little worried. However, these little guys are growing like weeds. I hope I can keep them going long enough to get them in the ground later this summer.

Friday (Cards and Art) Musings

RJ spent most of Wednesday downloading new software to his blackberry. One of the new functions is a video camera, so he took this short vid of Nimbus purring.

We live about ten minutes from the Indianapolis Museum of Art and we’ve only been once. I consider this a disgrace, especially because general admission is free. It so happens that one of our friends was given two free tickets to an exhibit featuring art from the Ming Dynasty. The exhibit is called Power and Glory: Court Arts of China’s Ming Dynasty. Below are some pictures from the exhibit. I’m looking forward to it.


It’s all there in black and white: a poet’s pain, her suffering, her emotional distress. Turn the page and find secrecy, shock and disappointment. But don’t expect passionate verse. These are lawsuits, not poems.

Wednesday (Poe and Prozac) Musings

We took Nimbus to the vet last week and we just got the results of his blood work, and he’s healthy. I had no doubt that he was, but he’s an older cat so I was a little worried (on top of the fact that he hasn’t been to the vet in awhile). Anyway. While I was on the phone with the vet, I asked her about anti-anxiety meds for Kweli. I was informed that we could try the herbal remedy or Prozac. Yes, I said Prozac. I’ll just leave you with that thought…

Today is our third blank page meeting. I’m hoping more people show up this time. I really want to get this National Novel Writing Month project off the ground. I’m also bringing them a copy of “The Raven” by Poe in honor of Halloween.