Friday (Nutcracker) Musings

My thesis went out this morning. Phew

In honor of the Christmas season (which I’m now giving my full attention) we’re off to see The Nutcracker this evening at Butler University. I have fond memories of this show. When I was younger, my parents took me to a show at the Bushnell Theater in Hartford. There was this snowflake backdrop that hung in front of the stage and it was enormous. It was also beautiful. It was set against a cobalt blue background. You could stare at that backdrop for hours.

I also associate The Nutcracker with Disney’s Fantasia. The dancing mushrooms are my favorite:


I’ve really enjoyed the Paris Review giveaway on the Elegant Variation this week. Although, the blogs author is probably correct when he says that we should all just go and buy the set anyway. I’ve read a few interviews from the Paris Review online, but I had forgotten how good they were. At any rate, I probably will end up purchasing them. I mean really, buying books? Who am I kidding?

OK, so the Proposition 8 Musical has been out in the universe for awhile now, but I was in thesis land, so now that I’m back among the living, satiric, and ironic masses…love it!

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