Saturday (Snow!) Musings

It is snowing! I know that in January the novelty of this will wear off when I’ve cleaned my car off for the 100th time but for right now it puts me in the holiday spirit. Living in Indiana makes me a lot less annoyed with snow than when I was in Pennsylvania. There is no lake effect here and if we do get a lot of snow, it’s more of a treat.

The Nutcracker was lovely. They put on an excellent production and because I love the mushrooms from Fantasia so much, I’ve posted a link below. Is it wrong that I giggle helplessly when I watch this?

Here it is.

As my sister put it, “Aw! Le petit arbe de noel!”

Below are three photos chronicling Kweli’s introduction to my “Jammin Snowman.” As you can see, he isn’t very sure of the whole situation.

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