Thursday (Half Way There) Musings

Today marks the official halfway point of the summer semester. I am exhausted but so far I seem to be staying on top of grading and prepping. Three of my classes have dwindled down to what I call manageable numbers. I only have one class that remains large, so that definitely makes things easier from a grading perspective.

I’m experiencing the same phenomenon this semester that I experienced last semester and the semester before that and the semester before that…That phenomenon is students showing up to a few classes and then dropping off the face of the earth. This wouldn’t be a problem except that they fail to realize that when they drop off the face of the earth, they also have to drop the class. I’ve considered sending emails to students I have not seen in several weeks informing them that the drop deadline is July 18 and that they should probably fill out the necessary forms. However, I am a professor not a baby-sitter and they stubborn side of me says they need to learn to be responsible for themselves.

I’ve been a miserable failure at blogging this summer. I cannot believe it is almost July. The summer is flying by and while I feel I’ve been productive, I also feel like I could be doing more. I suppose this isn’t much different than how I feel during the rest of the year.

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