Wednesday: The Good, The Bad & The Blah…

The Good

Oh my lovely…
  • Bright orange loafers and green purse arrived in the mail.
  • Creative writing student blog posts.
  • Hot coffee in a big mug.
  • Student submissions to community college lit mag.
  • Fresh fruit cup from the food court.
  • Possibility of teaching a second section of Honors English next term.
  • A good friend and office mate.
  • Wegman’s mushroom masala sauce.
  • Moose Tracks ice cream.
  • A fun weekend on the horizon.

The Bad

  • A 9:00 AM meeting that made me nervous and annoyed.
  • Confusing/inconsistent college policy.
  • A thick gray sky that hung around all day.
  • A freezing cold office. 
  • Absurd emails clogging my inbox.
  • Vague statements on grading rubric.
  • Aching muscles.
  • Deep weariness. 
  • Gray hairs.
  • Alarm clocks.

The Blah

  • January
  • January
  • January
  • Excuses from students.
  • January
  • Bureaucracy
  • January
  • Incompetence 
  • January 
  • January 
I typed in Seasonal Affective Disorder and this is what popped up on Google Images. Courtesy of Sarah Douglas.

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