A Lovely Day for Letter Writing

Yesterday I had the privilege of participating in a Letter Writing Social at Indy Reads Books located located at 911 Massachusetts Ave. It is a lovely space and if you live in Indy and have not visited this store yet, you need to check it out.

The Letter Writing Social was hosted in part by The Indy Trade School, which is  has begun its own letter writing group in Indy called The Penny Black Society (more on that name in a minute.) The other host was The Letter Writer’s Alliance, operated by Donovan Beeson and Kathy Zadrozny. Donovan and Kathy are awesome and I’ve mentioned their stationary business, 16 Sparrows, and the LWA on this blog before. I am a member of the LWA, so I was really excited when Donovan mentioned she was going to run a social here in Indy.

The point of the social is just to provide a venue where people can come and write or type letters. The Trade School and LWA provided materials for mail art, envelope templates, stationary and type writers. It was a good time. 


I typed a letter on this machine. The script comes out cursive. Excellent. 

I wrote five letters while I was at the social and I met a lot of cool people from around the city. I find writing and making mail art very therapeutic and fun. Here is a sample of my finished letters:

All to be sent out on Monday. 

As I mentioned earlier, the Penny Black Society is the letter writing group that is getting off the ground here in Indy. The name comes from the first adhesive postage stamp to be used by a public postal system. It was issued in Britain on May 1, 1840. 
Penny Black Stamp.
Indy Trade School

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